The Million mile march

Started with one step.

Here at Property Management Marketing we have embarked on the Million mile march. We have embarked on a road that we are unsure where it will lead. We are unsure of the experiences to be had and the stories to be told. We have embarked on the road of business.

In business it seems like the “best bet” and safest thing to do is to do what is already working. What the other businesses are doing. But in today’s culture it is becoming more and more evident that that is the riskiest move to make! To blend in with the crowd.

We realize and are aware of the traditional marketing and advertising that has been dominant for the past 50 plus years. We want to throw a different spin on that. This is why we have decided to start Property Management Marketing which focuses on Social Media Marketing.

At Property Management Marketing we aspire to help others. As the owners of Property Management Marketing we hold Bachelors degrees in Business Management, Human Services as well as a Masters degree in Theology.

You will see that although we hold an enormous passion for business and helping them (you) market your products/services/brand to your specific demographic we equally have a passion for helping those that are in need.

This is why for every 12 month contract that we sign we donate 25% of the earnings of the first month to the local YMCA here in Redlands, CA.

Now back to the reason for our blog. In this blog we want to share life/business experiences that we have had, whether they be good or experiences for growth. It was Nelson Mandela who said “I never lose, I either win or I learn” and here at Property Management Marketing we believe the same thing. Every victory is  VICTORY! and every situation that did not come out as expected or planned is a learning experience not just for us, but for our community.

We can and will always go further as a team, than alone. As a public speaker I start all my presentations with “If you have a question please throw it out there and I will answer it the best I can.” And we will follow the same mantra here. Interaction has always been my preferred method of learning because once we interact we begin to retain the information in a deeper way. And ultimately as a public speaker and as a marketer…my goal is to implant an idea or thought into the mind of my audience, something that they leave with.

So I challenge you…write a comment, ask a question, add some advice and lets build a strong and constructive community.

Also add us on Facebook @Propertymgmtmarketing and Twitter @PropMgmtMrkt or click the Facebook and Twitter links below!

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